Sunset at SM Seaside

I got the chance to capture the sunset using my mobile phone, Sony Xperia XA1 Plus. It’s quite fascinating how such a device can capture such vivid colors. This image is straight off the mobile phone, no editing or post processing was being done.
This gives me the urge to try out the camera for different scenarios. It has a 23MP camera with a 24mm lens at F/2.0. The only downside is that you cannot manually adjust the aperture or f-stop. However, the quality of the images are stunning.
Sony XA1 Plus retails for P18,090.00.

A Silent Voice | The Ultimate "Feels" Movie

A Silent Voice, or Koe No Katachi, an anime movie about a bully and a deaf girl. Based on a 'manga'  series written and illustrated by Yoshitoki ┼îima. It is probably one of the most heart wrenching movies I've ever seen.

I will try not to provide any spoilers, but I do recommend that you watch the movie. It tackles issues that teens undergo, such as bullying, peer pressure, and suicide.  Teens today can and will relate to the story, especially if they have experienced or know of someone who have experienced these issues.

I rarely shed a tear for animated movies, but I can say that there are a few that did; this is one of them. I know it sounds weird crying over an anime, but I dare you to watch and experience the movie for yourself.

Have you seen the movie? What'd you think about it?

Kono Suba S2: A New Misadventure Begins

You may have read my blog about Kono Suba before. It was exciting to know that season 2 has kicked off a few days ago. Late last year, there were news of a second season, however, there was no specific airing date. Nevertheless, the excitement still remain.

It's great seeing the cast's faces and their antics. I just hope that this season would be a blast. This is a good way to start the new year with humor, adventure and fun. Have you seen the first episode? Funny as hell.

Division, a sample video

Tom Clancy's The Division, the new game I'm hooked. I've taken the liberty and recorded a mission. It's a Disrupt Arm's Deal side mission and it is getting harder the higher your level is.

I'm almost at max level and this is my main agent in The Division. I've got two agents, one for my main and the other to play with "casual-player" friends. Having to play with other players, through matchmaking and/or with friends, makes playing more enjoyable. Playing solo can be tough, but finishing a mission by yourself is quite rewarding, sometimes in terms of loot.

I might be recording more mission videos and you can check these on my Youtube Channel.


Konosuba or Kono subarashii sekai ni shukufuku wo, is a newly released Anime. It has most of the genres that I look for in an Anime. To be honest, it's a nonesense, funny, and exciting adventure story.

This is a story of a NEET boy, Kazuma, who died and was resurrected as an adventurer on an alternate world. The way he died was really funny and you should watch how he died. I will not be providing any spoilers here, I'm sorry. Anyway, since this is an adventure story, the alternate world is like an MMORPG game wherein he gains skill points. He can use these points to level up abilities that he wants.

He has 3 other companions during his journey. First is the Goddess Aqua, a no-good, selfish high priestess. There's Megumin, a mage who has only one spell, Explosion. She can only cast this once per day. Silly, right? The last companion is Darkness, a masochist Crusader. Kazuma's role is an adventurer even though his recommended role was of a merchant, because of his high…