Lately been into Animes

Since this summer, I have been into watching japanese animes because the off-season TV series broadcast in the US. Though I need to read the subtitles, surprisingly, I did find a lot of good stories and character development. I mainly watch genres like romcoms (romantic comedies), action, harem, ecchi, and fantasies.

I have had finished quite a number of anime series this past few months. Lately, there have been a few anime series that I am currently watching since the ones that I was watching already ended their seasons. Hopefully waiting on those series to have a new season next year. Anyway, September is almost here, I might go back to watching US TV shows. I might have to make a plan to juggle my time now. *sigh* So many things to do with so little time.
Lately been into Animes Lately been into Animes Reviewed by Rhys Gelig on Thursday, August 27, 2015 Rating: 5
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