Kdramas to watch | April 2019

Starting with this post, I will be listing Korean dramas (Kdramas) that I’ll be watching. I’ve been watching Kdramas for the past couple of years, and I have to say, I’m hooked. Korean dramas vary from 8 to 120 episodes, however, most Korean dramas are usually 16 episodes long. I am not really keen on what or why they have a different number of episodes and I don’t really mind how long a drama is. As long as, I enjoy the story, that’s enough for me.

Let’s get started on my list for April 2019. This is not in any particular order.

1. Her Private Life 


Stars: Park Min-Young and Kim Jae-Wook

Ever since her drama, “What’s wrong with secretary Kim?”, I have been a fan of Park Min Young. Her performance in that drama was absolutely perfect, that is why I’m very much looking forward to her new drama, Her Private Life is about a female museum curator who is secretly a fangirl of a KPop idol. She is a museum curator in the day and a fan page manager by night. I am really looking forward to this drama.

2. Welcome to Waikiki 2 

Stars: Kim Sun-Ho; Lee Yi-Kyung; Shin Hyun-Soo; Moon Ga-Young; Ahn So-Hee; Kim Ye-Won

I really had fun watching the first season of Welcome to Waikiki and that is why I have high hopes for the second season. This is a sitcom about a group of friends who are managing and running a guest house called Waikiki Guest House. The first season had some slapstick comedy and a bit of seriousness. I hope the second season does well as the first.

3. Kill It 

Stars: Nana and Chang Ki-Yong

This has a really interesting story. It is about an assassin finding and trying to remember about his past. There is a lot of action, a hint of comedy and hopefully a touch of romance. By the way, Nana is really gorgeous.

4. Fiery Priest 

Stars: Kim Nam-Gil; Kim Sung-Kyung; Lee Ha-Nee

A story about a NIS agent turned priest. He is really hot-tempered and that itself makes the situation funny. Have you ever seen a priest shout at someone attending mass because he was too noisy eating bread? It is an action-comedy-drama, nuff said, me hooked.

5. Big Issue 

Stars: Han Ye Seul and Joo Jin-Mo

It’s about Korean paparazzi. I was hooked when I saw the gear they are using in the show, Canon EOS R Mirrorless cameras. Wew.

Ok, there you have it, folks. I'll just list down 5 for now, however, there are a few notable dramas currently running, but I'm in the fence whether to continue watching those or not.

If you have any suggestions of currently running kdramas that are a must-watch, feel free to post on the comments below. Until next the post, have a great one.
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