Kdramas to watch | August 2019

It's another time for Kdramas to watch. This time around, there are a few notable Korean dramas that you must watch. There are too many new dramas coming out and there's just not enough time to watch them all. This is why I have decided to list the dramas into 4 categories: Recently finished, I am currently watching, saw the first few episodes, and dramas I plan to watch.

Recently Finished Dramas That I Watched

Touch Your Heart 

Stars: Yoo In-na; Lee Dong-wook

Technically, this drama isn't that recent, however, I forgot to add this to my Kdramas to watch | April 2019 blog post. 

If you've watched the Korean drama Goblin, you would be very familiar with the lead actors of this drama. Yep, it's the Grim Reaper and Sunny from Goblin. The story of Touch Your Heart is quite a bubbly and funny romantic comedy between the lead actors. It talks about a fallen actress (Yoo In-na) making her comeback to show business with the help of a top lawyer (Lee Dong-wook). If you want light story with a touch of comedy or if you are a fan of these 2 actors, this is a must-watch.

Search: WWW

Stars: Im Soo-jung; Lee Da-hee; Jeon Hye-jin and Chang Ki-yong

The story revolves around 3 women and the Internet. These women work in rival Web Portal Companies. It talks about the Internet and how people or users can affect trending keywords and why these companies should not alter these trending search words or phrases.

Among these three ladies, I find Lee Da-hee's character the most adorable. She portrayed her character perfectly. Kudos to her acting.

Partners for Justice 2

Stars: Jung Yoo-mi (1984); Jung Jae-Young; Oh Man-Seok

I really enjoyed season 1 of this drama, it was fast-paced and quite interesting. Season 2 was as exhilarating as the 1st.  They have this unique way of connecting clues from all episodes and combine them in the last episode. If you're looking for romance, can't find that here, sadly. 

The Secret Life of My Secretary

Stars: Kim Young-kwang; Jin Ki-joo; Kim Jae-kyung; and Koo Ja-sung

This drama is like a mix between The Beauty Inside and What's Wrong with Secretary Kim. Kim Young-kwang gets a disability called Prosopagnosia; wherein he cannot recognize faces. Jin Ki-joo is a secretary and falls in love with her boss, Kim Young-kwang. she helps him with his disability.

A very light and lovely romance between the lead actors.  A high note, Kim Jae-kyung's acting and character is really really funny. Great acting by her.  AWESOME!!!!

Currently watching

These are dramas that are currently ongoing that I am following and watching every week.

Hotel Del Luna

Stars: Lee Ji-eun (IU); Yeo Jin-goo

IU fans out there, this is must-watch. It talks about a hotel for lost ghosts who needs or wants some pampering before going to the afterlife. IU is the owner of the hotel and Jin-goo is the manager. IU's portrayal of her role is perfect. A pinch of horror, a touch of comedy and a sprinkle of romance make up this wonderful drama.

Level Up

Stars: Sung Hoon; Han Bo-reum

The story is about a gaming company that is being restructured. Sung Hoon is in-charge of saving the said company. Han Bo-reum is an employee of the said gaming company. Her passion and loyalty to the company is so great that she has trouble accepting new management. This would seem like a love-hate relationship between the two and I am curious on how the story unfolds.

Rookie Historian Goo Hae Ryung

Stars: Shin Se-kyung; Cha Eun-woo

I would say that this is going to be an eye-candy for Cha Eun-woo fans. Unlike his previous drama, Gangnam Beauty, he is smiling a lot in this drama and for sure his fans would really love to see him smile. Anyway, the story is about the first female historians in the Joseon era. Shin Se-Kyung is selected as one of the few female historians.

Cha Eun-woo is the second prince and is confined to a secluded area in the inner palace. I am really looking forward to the story between the two.

As always, Shin Se-kyung has her usual facial expressions but it's a lot less compared to her previous drama Bride of the Water God.

Watched a first few episodes

These are the dramas that I've watched but didn't follow.  Basically, I've watched the first few episodes and some of these I might drop and some I might continue watching.

Mother of Mine

A weekend drama, that means 100+ episodes and I've seen probably half of the entire series.


An interesting police/law drama. 


Nana. That's about it, it stars Nana

Absolute Boyfriend

Bang Min-ah and Yeo Jin-goo. 


A perfume that can turn you into your younger self. 

Angel's Last Mission

An interesting story about an angel falling in love with a human.

There are more Korean dramas that are airing right now, but, like I said, there are too many to follow. Not to mention Japanese dramas that are being subtitled. Anyway, I hope that you get some ideas on what Korean dramas to watch. If you have other recent Korean dramas that I might find fascinating, let me know in the comments below. 

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