Zack Arias guest blogger over at

Zack Arias, one of my favorite photographers, is the guest blogger over at He talks about keeping it simple. With all the distractions, such as social media, new gear, lighting setups, we as photographers tend to forget the fundamentals of photography. It is like a writer’s block. Our minds are so busy to a point where we don’t know what to do.

His post over at was so inspirational. His topic is right on the money. As I was reading his post, I felt like I was hit right on my gut. Too much information tends to limit our creativity. We keep thinking on different shots, lighting, gear and the end result is a so-so image.

On his post, he enumerated, I call it tips. A few of those were applicable to me. For instance, One lens, One light, One something. Basically means, simplify your gear. Master one camera, one lens; know it inside and out.

His video was excellent. He describes noise from signals.

To know more about signals and noise, go over to and watch the video and read his blog. Really a great post.

Thanks Scott, Brad and Zack for this post.

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